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Nissan Lower Link 9999
Nissan North America, Inc.
Safety incident date:
June 12, 2014
Texas, TX

please see the attached documentation in regards to my maintenance reports from baker nissan (19630 northwest fwy, houston, tx 77065 (281) 890-5656) and tom peacock nissan (15300 north fwy, houston, tx 77090 (281) 821-4000). my car has also been serviced by mossy nissan (12150 katy fwy, houston, tx 77079 (281) 589-5300) in the past. this car has given me numerous problems and i do not feel safe driving it. transmission has failed twice (replaced the first time at baker nissan north and the second time at tom peacock nissan) picked up vehicle on thursday, august 6th from tom peacock nissan. they replaced the transmission for the 2nd time. ac issues - blowing hot air then cool air. dropped my car off at baker nissan to run diagnostic test. steering wheel is hard to turn - noticed this issue yesterday evening and this morning. started having this issue after i picked my vehicle up from tom peacock nissan. i purchased this car brand new and it should not be experiencing all this issues.

Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. was not part original equipment.