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Mitsubishi Truck Safety Reviews and Problems

Top Mitsubishi Truck Safety Problems

Seat Belts Front Buckle Assembly (5 Safety Reviews)
drivers side seatbelt fastner chipped causing pieces to fall into
passenger takata #520 has difficulty latching and driver buckle will
seat belt buckle # 520 is hard to lock and
#ea95-004 the passenger and driver side seat belt buckle will
the drivers seatbelt buckle has broken were it latches into
Air Bags Frontal (1 Safety Reviews)
driver's side airbag did not deploy upon 12:oo at 40
Power Train Clutch Assembly (1 Safety Reviews)
clutch clunks in 1st gear when starting from stops.
Power Train Manual Transmission (1 Safety Reviews)
manual transmission failure, difficulty shifting into gears.
Seats (1 Safety Reviews)
driver of garbage truck complains that these crane carrier trucks
Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc (1 Safety Reviews)
front brakes failed, causing vehicle to vibrate when braking.

Mitsubishi Truck Safety Reports