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Mazda B2000 Safety Reviews and Problems

Top Mazda B2000 Safety Problems

Fuel System, Gasoline Storage Tank Assembly (7 Safety Reviews)
fuel tank leaking fuel. tt
the design and mounting of the gas tank is such
the design and mounting of the gas tank is such
4 cyl
noticed that fuel was leaking from the seams while filling
Seat Belts Front Retractor (3 Safety Reviews)
the driver seat belt is locked into the retractor.
the front passenger side seatbelt does not retract and will
driver side & passenger side seat belt retractors failed.
Structure (3 Safety Reviews)
vehicles complete body frame is rusted and cab and bed
when driving the truck going up to high speed truck
both frames under vehicle rotted/broke; caused bed of truck
Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Pads (2 Safety Reviews)
brake pads failed, replacement pads returned due to defective
brake shoe made by economy imports (ei) have their pads
Fuel System, Gasoline Carburetor System (1 Safety Reviews)
i would like to know where i could get any
Fuel System, Gasoline Storage Auxillary Tank Selector Devices (1 Safety Reviews)
the fuel tank leaks gas.*ak

Mazda B2000 Safety Reports