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Gmc C/k 1500 Safety Reviews and Problems

Top Gmc C/k 1500 Safety Problems

Service Brakes (5 Safety Reviews)
i was driving home from work and attempted to stop
brake line corroded. vehicle would not stop. used
on 11-29-2014, while driving home with my 2 sons,
the steel brake lines going to the rear brakes rusted
today i was on freeway in bumper to bumper traffic
Parking Brake (4 Safety Reviews)
noticed that parking brake doesn't work anymore. (looked
complete emergency brake failure. the e-brake does not
parking brake failed to hold vehicle. ref: nhtsa campaign
the emergency brakes on my truck have only been actually
Service Brakes, Hydraulic (3 Safety Reviews)
safety about gmc sierra truck abs braking system.
approaching stop sign at an intersection applied brake pedal and
the abs system has an open short between the abs
Service Brakes, Hydraulic Antilock (3 Safety Reviews)
the 2002 was in need of front hubs since they
we have symptoms of the gmc truck recall inl 05v379000
dt: the consumer stated that the abs system activated
Fuel System, Other Storage Fuel Gauge System (2 Safety Reviews)
the fuel gauge is sending incorrect reading after fill up,
fuel guage inoperative on 1999 1500 gmc sierra.
Suspension Front Wheel Bearing (2 Safety Reviews)
truck began to grind and pop as i went around
the 2002 was in need of front hubs since they