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Ford F-150 2001
Ford Motor Company
Safety incident date:
Nov 26, 2000
San Francisco, CA

i ordered my f-150 supercrew in august 2000. the truck was built in late september and i took delivery in the first week of october 2000. although my truck was sold as a 2001 model, ford has subsequently made two critical safety modifications in the 2001 supercrews that were produced after my build date. the "latest" 2001 model includes rear seat headrests and child seat anchors in the rear seats. as noted in my report, i was recently driving in the city at approximately 25 mph when i was forced to make a panic stop. my wife, who was riding in the middle of the rear seat (two-point seat belt), was initially pushed forward by the force of the braking then hit her head on the rear window upon recoil. fortunately, she suffered no injuries. at the same time, my 3 year-old daughter (sitting in a properly installed, double shoulder harness child seat) was also pushed forward and back by the force of the stop. despite the fact that she was well secured in the seat, the forward and back motion was intensified by the lack of a child seat anchor. in my opinion, ford's recognition of these safety "defects" is clearly demonstrated in the modifications that were made to trucks produced after november 2000. i also believe that given the potential for serious injury as a result of these safety defects, all 2001 supercrews produced prior to the modification date should be recalled for retrofitting. *ak

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died.Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FTRW07L81K. Original Owner. Vehicle was purchased on Oct 01, 2000. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Ford F-150 2001 Drive type:RWD. Fuel System:N/A. Fuel type: gas. Vehicle Speed: 25 mph.

Ford Explorer 1998
Ford Motor Company
Safety incident date:
Apr 03, 2002
Alexandria, VA

due to extreme width of youth seat (aka booster seat), the unit is very close to the passenger door. upon closing the car door, child's fingers were crushed between the door and the car seat. fingers were deformed at first, but recoverd to original form within 10 minutes. no broken bones. when installing the seat, the seat belt latch is located "behind" the seat - as opposed to being located to the side of the seat. this causes the nature position of the seat to move toward the door, increasing the risk of finger crushing by the door. also, due to the extreme width, the entire seatbelt is used to install the seat (about an inch will be retracted), thus making a proper installation nearly impossible in a ford explorer. when i contacted the manufactor, britax, (by phone, fax, and letter), i only received a letter back apologizing for the "pinching" of my daughter's fingers. they obviously do not understand the consequence of this "defect." nothing was done by britax to address the issue.*ak

1 person(s) were injured. Original Owner. Vehicle was purchased on Jan 01, 2098. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Ford EXPLORER 1998 Drive type:4WD. Fuel type: gas. Vehicle Speed: 0 mph.

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