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Dodge Caravan 1999
Chrysler Group Llc
Safety incident date:
Sept 21, 2002
Audubon, PA

i notified the first incident to the dealer about its speed sensor, over the phone, which blew away just after the two weeks of buying this car from his showroom. last month, the break went bad and were not covered under the warranty, i had to end up replacing the rotor and complete brake set, paying around $300 from my pocket, from a midas in pennsylvania. the third incident was most dangerous, and don⿿t know how i saved the life of my two little kids including the one with 11months infant baby, the automatic transmission blew away while driving normally and lost control on the downhill, in the city of norristown, since its break and the entire system went off due to the failure of automatic transmission and i eventually took a great risk of pulling the car all be myself on the sidewalk and somehow protected each of my family members. this car is proven to be very unsafe and does not worth the life of my kids and my family. i sincerely request to help me have my money back at the earliest. the dealer is very rude and rough over the phone and does not let me speak at all. it took me several years to save this money to buy this car but the dealer has really deceived me by giving a faulty car. it seems to me that this car did not undergo for any kind of safety inspection as long as it was sitting in his showroom and i am very afraid of driving now.

Vehicle was involved in a crash. 1 person(s) were injured. Mileage was 34581 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):2B4GP25GXXR. Accident was reported to Police. Vehicle was purchased on Sept 04, 2002. Vehicle was not using anit-lock brakes. Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 6 cylinders. Dodge CARAVAN 1999 Drive type:FWD. Fuel type: gas. Dodge CARAVAN 1999 Service Brakes, Air Controls Foot Control Transmission Type: AUTO. Dealer's name: Cars Plus . Dealer's telephone number: 856-875-4448 . Dealer's city: Williamtown . Dealer's state code: NJ. Dealer's zipcode: 08094 .

Dodge Intrepid 1999
Chrysler Group Llc
Safety incident date:
Jan 14, 2002
Pikesville, MD

i entered my dodge intrepid at approximately 5:50 am and after starting the ignition i noticed that the brake pedal depressed itself down the floor. after a couple of minutes the pedal did not come up and i turned off the ignition. when i turned off the ignition pedal then raised itself slowly with a hissing sound. when i proceeded to start the car again the pedal again depressed itself making me unable to drive my vehicle

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):2B3HD46RXXH. Vehicle was purchased on May 26, 2001. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 6 cylinders. Dodge INTREPID 1999 Drive type:FWD. Fuel System:Fuel injection. Fuel type: gas. Dodge INTREPID 1999 Service Brakes, Air Controls Foot Control Transmission Type: AUTO. Vehicle Speed: 0 mph. Dealer's name: Al Packer . Dealer's city: Baltimore . Dealer's state code: MD.

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