Bmw R 1200 Rt Structure Motorcycle Kickstand/center Stand Safety Reviews

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Bmw R 1200 Rt 2009
Bmw Of North America, Llc
Safety incident date:
Oct 07, 2010
Chillicothe, IL

side stand interlock switch failure on a 2009 bmw r1200rt motorcycle. the switch is designed to prevent the motorcycle from being driven with the side stand in the down position. the switch on my machine failed with the side stand in the up position and the motorcycle being driven down the road at approximately 40 mph. when the switch failed the motor stopped running, which caused the rear wheel to skid. i was able to pull in the clutch to get out of the rear wheel skid and steer the machine off the road. i was able to by-pass the interlock switch in order to start the machine and ride it home. the only repair would be the replacement of the switch. the problem i have is that once the machine is in gear and moving down the road the failure of this switch should not cause the motor of the motorcycle to stop unexpectedly. the loss of engine power could lead to injury or death. if the switch fails while the machine is being driven down the road it needs to alert the rider of a fault but not stop the motor. if this had happened to me at 60 mph i might not have been able to file this report. *tr

Mileage was 16257 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):WB10388079Z. Vehicle was not using anit-lock brakes. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. Vehicle Speed: 40 mph.