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Bmw R 1200 Rt 2009
Bmw Of North America, Llc
Safety incident date:
July 25, 2011
Carson, CA

tl* the contact owns a 2009 bmw r1200 rt motorcycle. the contact stated that the rear wheel locked abnormally. the vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was discovered that the drive shaft had exploded. the para lever and boot were destroyed. both were attached to the frame of the vehicle, similar to how the axle is attached to a passenger vehicle. the dealer advised that they had never seen a drive shaft failure such as the one the contact experienced on a motorcycle. the vehicle was left with the dealer where the contact was awaiting repairs. the failure and current mileages were 36,838. updated 08/24/11*lj the consumer stated there was severe vibration at 75mph for 1-2 seconds. a few miles later there was vibration and loss of power. updated 06/15/2012 *js

Mileage was 36838 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):WB10388009Z. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 2 cylinders. Fuel System:Fuel injection. Fuel type: gas. Dealer's name: Long Beach Bmw Motorcycles . Dealer's telephone number: 562-426-1200 . Dealer's city: Long Beach . Dealer's state code: CA. Dealer's zipcode: 90806 .