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Bmw 535 Safety Reviews and Problems

Top Bmw 535 Safety Problems

Visibility Power Window Devices And Controls (3 Safety Reviews)
power window switch failed. *ak
power windows failed.
power windows failed. *ak
Service Brakes, Hydraulic Antilock (2 Safety Reviews)
abs pressure accumulator failure: during panic stops, brake
while driving vehicle about 60 mph on the highway when
Structure Body Door (2 Safety Reviews)
power door locks failed.
power door locks failed, causing doors not to open.
Vehicle Speed Control (2 Safety Reviews)
throttle system failed, causing engine to surge/loss of control.
vehicle gas pedal jammed (attorney for client).
Communications Horn Assembly (1 Safety Reviews)
horn will not blow due to electrical short or wiring
Electrical System (1 Safety Reviews)
electrical system shut down, causing vehicle to stall/ power