Audi Steering Linkages Knuckle Spindle Arm

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Audi A4 2001
Volkswagen Of America, Inc
Safety incident date:
Oct 04, 2006
Louisville, KY

during 90,000 mile service, the mechanic discovered that both side spindles (steering knuckles) were cracked. according to the mechanic, the car was in a position to loose steering capability with those items cracked. they said it's rare to see both sides cracked. tie rod ends were also replaced due to wear. i still have both spindles if needed. mechanic replaced both spindles and tie rod ends. the vehicle is certified and still under warranty from audi until the end of december. the vehicle had an 80,000 mile service done in april 2006. *nm

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died.Mileage was 89420 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):WAUDC68D01A. Vehicle was purchased on Dec 27, 2004. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 4 cylinders. Audi A4 2001 Drive type:AWD. Fuel System:Turbo. Fuel type: gas. Audi A4 2001 Steering Linkages Knuckle Spindle Arm Transmission Type: AUTO. Vehicle Speed: 0 mph. Dealer's name: Beechmont Motors . Dealer's telephone number: 5133883800 . Dealer's city: Cincinnati . Dealer's state code: OH. Dealer's zipcode: 45255 .

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View Steering Linkages Knuckle Spindle Arm Safety Reports