Audi Exterior Lighting Hazard Flashing Warning Lights

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Audi A4 1999
Volkswagen Of America, Inc.
Safety incident date:
May 16, 2000
Merrick, NY

turn signals and the hazard lights have become inoperable. dealer is repairing the vehicle. *ak

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):WAUCB28D7XA. Original Owner. Vehicle was not using anit-lock brakes. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control.

Audi A6 2001
Volkswagen Of America, Inc
Safety incident date:
Nov 23, 2004
Whitehouse Station, NJ

the consumer was going about 50 mph when she was involved in an accident. vehicle a pulled in front of vehicle b and stopped short, forcing vehicle b to rear end vehicle a. in the process, the air bags failed to deploy. owner contacted the manufacturer and was told that the vehicle was not hit at the right angle to activate the air bags. *ak the emergency lights flashed intermittently and the next day the vehicle would not start, the power unit beneath the floor board was soaking wet and had shorted out, the console under the gear shift was so hot that it could not be touched, there was an oil leak. *sc *jb

Vehicle was involved in a crash. 1 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died.Mileage was 54262 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):WAUED64B11N. Accident was reported to Police. Vehicle was using anit-lock brakes.Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 6 cylinders. Audi A6 2001 Drive type:FWD. Fuel System:Fuel injection. Fuel type: gas. Audi A6 2001 Exterior Lighting Hazard Flashing Warning Lights Transmission Type: AUTO. Vehicle Speed: 50 mph. Dealer's name: Paul Miller Audi . Dealer's city: Parsippany . Dealer's state code: NJ. Dealer's zipcode: 07054 .

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View Exterior Lighting Hazard Flashing Warning Lights Safety Reports